GB Diggers Help Hemsby Lifeboat

A great report from Hemsby Life Boat

Once again we were at the station today arranging and planning the final repair work to the ‘Gap” area after our three day station stay, when along came Claire Wright of GB Digger and Plant Hire with a ‘goody bag’ for the crew, coffee mugs, beanie hats and pens (can never have enough pens at the station). GB Digger Hire kindly donated us, free of charge, a Dumper Truck during the clean-up operation. What amazed us was that, not only did they provide us with free ‘plant’, but they also donated a cheque for £200. We were just speechless, the generosity shown to us from companies and the public has been staggering. Also if it wasn’t for GB’s Dumper truck, we wouldn’t have been able to rescue the seal pup off the beach on Saturday afternoon.
A big tha
nk you goes out to GB Digger and Plant Hire.