Caterpillar 311FL

The Cat 311F RR delivers fuel savings and performance – two attributes you need to be successful in your business.

Machine Description

Tight Job, Right Machine

With more and more jobs requiring work in tight spaces, a reduced radius machine is the right choice for you. The 311F RR’s tail swing radius is just 1750 mm (5’9″). When rotated 90 degrees and working over the side, only 505 mm (1’8″) hangs over the side – ideal when you are working up against a wall, on a narrow road, or other space-restricted area.

Stable Platform

The 311F RR offers a stable platform for all applications. One of the main contributors is the 2.45 mt (5,400 lb) counterweight. This allows the shorter 311F RR to perform like a longer tail swing machine.

Comfortable Full-Size Cab

While the length of the upper structure is reduced to accommodate the work at hand, the cab of the 311F RR is not. It’s the same size as our standard machines with all the amenities you’ve come to expect.

A Unique Emissions Solution

The Cat C3.4B engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. It provides plenty of power for the utility work you do and won’t consume a lot of fuel to do it – all to help keep your owning and operating costs to an absolute minimum.

Fuel-Saving Features

One built-in fuel-saving feature is engine idle shutdown, which automatically turns the engine off when it’s been idling for more than a specified amount of time. You can also choose eco mode to more actively manage fuel consumption for the job at hand. Both will help you save fuel, reduce emissions, and extend your service intervals.

Biodiesel Ready

The C3.4B engine can run on up to B20 biodiesel fuel that meets ASTM 6751 standards – all to give you more potential fuel-saving flexibility.

Proven Technology

Every U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final ACERT™ engine is equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air, and aftertreatment components. Applying proven technologies lets us meet your high expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, reliability, and service life. The right technologies fine tuned for the right applications results in:

  • High performance across a variety of applications
  • Maximized uptime and reduced cost with world-class support from the Cat dealer network
  • Minimized impact of emission systems – designed to be transparent to the operator without requiring interaction
  • Durable designs with long life to overhaul
  • Better fuel economy with minimized maintenance costs while providing the same great power and response

More Powerful, Reliable Engine Electronics

The electronics used in Cat Tier 4 Final engines are more powerful and robust than ever. Enhanced features increase quality and reliability, which improves your owning and operating experience.

Next Generation Fuel Systems

As a key component of Cat Tier 4 Technology, injection timing provides more control of combustion for the cleanest, most efficient fuel burn. To maximize your value, Caterpillar engineers specified fuel systems based on the power and performance demands for each engine.

Innovative Air Management

Cat Tier 4 Final engines feature innovative air management systems that optimize airflow and enhance power, efficiency, and reliability. We apply a range of simple, reliable turbo charging solutions based on engine size and application. This allows us to match turbo performance to rated output for high productivity, excellent fuel efficiency, long life, and low operating costs for you.

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